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A sole proprietorship is a type of business entity that is owned, managed and controlled by one person. Proprietorships are simple to start and have minimal regulatory compliance requirements for operating.

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How To Register Sole Proprietorship

You can operate your business under a Sole Proprietorship in India online. We hold immense knowledge and expertise in Sole Proprietorship and help you in the following ways.

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Expert Assigned

A qualified Chartered Accountant is assigned to you.

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GST Return Filing

Finally, CA will start your Registration Process after recieving the basic documents and keep you updated.

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When a business is owned and governed by one person, it is called a sole proprietorship company. This type of business can be incorporated in fifteen days and hence makes it one of the most popular types of business to begin in the unsystematic sector, specifically among merchants and small traders. For a Sole Proprietorship business, registration is not required as it is identified through alternate registrations, such as GST registrations. However, its liability is unlimited and it also doesn’t have perpetual existence.



Due to the disadvantages mentioned above, this registration will be suitable only for small businesses and the unorganised sector with a limited period of existence.

Checklist Items for a Sole Proprietorship Registration:-

Key registrations:-

Each proprietorship differs in terms of the functions, clientele and the mode of operations. Hence, a couple of the registrations mentioned below will be applicable. process

Our Sole Proprietorship Registration Procedure:-

Documents Required For Registering A Sole Proprietorship

To start a Sole Proprietorship, the following documents are required:-

What Are The Documents Required For Opening A Current Account?

To open a current account, the following documents are required:-